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It's great to hear feedback from our loyal customers, below is a selection of some great feedback we have had recently.

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Dear James,
I write to you to express my total and utter delight regarding your treatment of my sciatica/bad back condition. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for healing my twenty plus years of pain. After one treatment from you, doing the exercises you prescribed, twelve days later I have been able to dance, pain free! Able to walk, pain free! Stood for four hours at work, pain free! I am ecstatic and feel like a new woman. I feel twenty years younger. I have a spring in my step and feel physically and psychologically re-born. The past year and a half of mind blowing disability, when my sciatica, caused plantar fasciitis in my feet, have been eradicated with one treatment from you and twelve days of exercises. The plantar fasciitis is massively improving with the realignment on my sacrum and the strengthening exercises, without you even having to treat my feet. I am currently recommending you to every one I know (and don't know!). You have treated my brother in law and healed him after 3-4(?) treatments, after my recommendation. I feel physically and mentally able to look for a new job too.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you have done for me. You are a lovely person, with amazing knowledge and skills, you have a great sense of humour and I am honoured to have had a pleasure to meet you and be treated by you. Much love to you and the team at Physio Needs.


I saw James over two months for a treatment to a severely locked rotator cuff and shoulder injury. He has done an amazing job in sorting me out and I am once again fully mobile. It was a pleasure to visit him at Rushcliffe Arena on a weekly basis and his attention to detail and knowledge of his profession were outstanding. Couple this with a unique and pleasant bedside manner complimented by an amazing personality and sense of humour forms the true model (in my opinion) of the real physio. 

I would highly recommend James to anyone and should I ever need treatment again I would not go anywhere else! Thank you James - You were fab!" Ricky Fletcher 01/06/2017


I am just writing to say a huge thank you to your staff. Having made an appointment at the clinic with a chronic "back disorder" (which actually turned out to be a pelvic misalignment problem), I was transformed me from a person who could hardly walk to somebody who could spend 3 weeks at a US Customer site only 3 days afterwards! A little further treatment, and it's as if the problem has never existed. We are now concentrating on a shoulder/neck problem which has troubled me for many years, I feel that we are at long last getting towards the root of the problem and finding solutions to alleviate the pain of it and ensure it remains in the background. I have found your staff always expert and attentive in their dealings with me whilst retaining a good sense of humour. Above all else, your staff are extremely courteous and retained the most professional attitude throughout my treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice to others.
Alan P.


I would like to say how very impressed and pleased I am with the treatment that I have received from James Tomlinson. I had a problem with my right knee for over two years and had seen my GP and another physiotherapist without any improvement. I thought that I was going to need an arthroscopy and probably some surgery to the cartilage. James made a diagnosis identifying a specific muscle that was in spasm which was causing referred pain. After three treatment I am normal again. I am very grateful for his expertise. I should also he is very friendly and professional. Nicholas Jones (retired surgeon)  02/04/2017


There are worse conditions to have but chronic discomfort with frequent acute pain and associated restricted movement can be debilitating and depressing, combined as they tend to be with lower levels of physical activity and loss of sleep. 

Over a period of 20 years I enjoyed relief following osteopathic and chiropractic manipulation, but the relief always turned out to be temporary with my problems returning, sometimes worse than before. 

When my employer offered their employees access to physiotherapy as part of an occupational health scheme in 2004  I took up that option. From that first physiotherapist I started to learn about stretches and exercises to build up my core strength. My episodes of acute pain became less and less frequent. When that scheme ended and I opted to see a physiotherapist privately and I benefited from the skills of three physiotherapists before my brother recommended James Tomlinson in Nottingham (I live in Birmingham). 


James is a very 'hands on' physiotherapist. While I applaud the work of the three physios I had attended previously - particularly the third who did apply her hands to do massage but in small doses - none of them so readily understood what my body needed, or applied their hands so actively or expertly. 

In just four treatments James has relieved the residual underlying chronic discomfort in my left knee and upper back completely. I am so impressed and so grateful. There is some more work yet to be done but I am free of the chronic discomfort in two key areas for the first time in years.

I strongly recommend James for his skill and expertise and his excellence in applying both to solve my problems. He has provided me with an outstandingly good service and I am 100% confident that this was not a one-off fluke result: he really has a gift.  Christopher Jones- retired G.P 18/02/2017


I have been utilising the services of the clinic as and when I have needed over the last ten years, and would recommend them without hesitation. Their standard of professional patient care has always been outstanding throughtout the whole therapy process, from the point of initial injury diagnosis through to treatment and exercise planning, with a holistic approach centring not just in solving the presenting problem, but also advice and precautions to prevent further occurrences.
Lynda H.

Dear PhysioNeeds West Bridgford patients

We hope you are all keeping safe and you and your families are managing okay in these very unprecedented times.

Following guidance issued by the Government on 20th March 2020, Rushcliffe Arena has temporarily closed due to COVID-19. Due to this our Physiotherapy clinic is also closed. However we are still providing patients with Video and Telephone Consultations to help with any injuries and issues. These are a great way to discuss your injury and get specific and tailored treatment (via home exercises) and valuable advice. Essential face to face treatment can take place at any of our other PhysioNeeds clinics as PhysioNeeds West Bridgford remains closed

We assure you that we have put enhanced measures in place to ensure the protection of both you the patient, our staff and the wider public. A full risk assessment of the working environment has been undertaken. We are following Public Health England COVID-19 infection prevention and control guidelines. We still encourage a 'Virtual First' approach with our Telephone and Video Consultations which patients have found very useful so far.

Please see both PDFs attached outlining our SCREENING-CLEANING-PROTECTING protocols and our Updated Patient Support Flowchart to help explain our current Physiotherapy service available to you. All patients MUST wear a mask. Here is a link to an easy DIY mask (YouTube)

COVID-19 SCREENING QUESTIONS: When booking a Face to Face appointment you will be asked to confirm that you or any member of your household IS NOT presenting, or HAS NOT presented with the following symptoms in the last 14 days:

  • a high temperature
  • a new persistent cough
  • a sore throat
  • new onset of headaches
  • loss of sense of smell or taste
  • feeling unwell in any way

If you answer YES to any of the above then you will not be able to be seen Face-to-Face but we can still discuss and treat your injury via Telephone/Video Consultations.

We have also been posting lots of videos on our Facebook page and YouTube channel (PhysioNeeds) so do check those out to try and stay as active as possible. We have also be putting top tips on our Facebook page to help with prevention/management of injuries. If you have any questions, please do contact the clinic.

Stay safe everyone!

From all the team at PhysioNeeds

Patient Support Flowchart

Screening, Cleaning, Protecting